Matthew Akira Okazaki (b. Oakland, California) is an artist, designer, and educator based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

His research and work centers around a creative practice of “making do.” Through the specific selection of sites, materials, archives, images, and construction techniques, Okazaki embraces the ordinary and readily available in the hopes of uncovering and constructing new meanings and modes of understanding in our everyday lives. Privileging tactics over strategies, his work explores ideas of authorship, memory, identity, and heritage to amplify stories less told.

In addition to his art practice, Okazaki is a founder of the architecture practice Field Office LLC, and a principal at Architecture for Public Benefit, a benefit corporation providing design services for mission-driven organizations in the Greater Boston area.

Okazaki received a Master of Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from UCLA.  He is currently a Professor of the Practice in Architecture at Tufts University, and has previously taught at Northeastern University, Brandeis University, and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.