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San Francisco, CA | Salon

A start-up focusing on contemporary and affordable skincare required a new and unique in-store skincare experience to reflect their emerging business model and brand. Following the trend of fast and affordable women’s haircare -- seen in the tremendous success of companies like Dry Bar -- the company was hoping a similar practice might be applied to the rapidly booming social and cultural interest in ‘natural’ or ‘healthy’ skincare products and procedures, evidenced in products like Glossier or articles about visits to Korean facial salons. Where Dry Bar had tackled fast and affordable blow outs, CounterFace had aspirations to do the same with the world of facials.

The client asked for just a few requests in the design. First, that it adopt the casual and social atmosphere of an experience like Dry Bar. Second, that the process of checking in, consultuing with a skincare professional, receiving a facial, showcasing the experience, and leaving all be done in a fluid manner. Third, that there be a wall, mirror, or surface -- dubbed the selfie wall -- where the experience -- and the facial -- could be used as a means of self-promotion through social media marketing. Finally, although most importantly, the centerpiece of the store was to feature a counter bar, with skincare products on display instead of beer and liquor, and where one could consult with a skincare professional about any of the prodcuts he or she might want to use during their appointment.
In addition to the main store, a pop-up station was also developed to be used and placed inside stores of similary affiliated skincare or beauty care businesses.

CounterFace Storefront

CounterFace Pop-Up